Emotionally Broken Coldoon Criticised Farmaajo

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This is the effect of nationalism. Non-nationals get tossed aside. We are all Somali so we need a pan-Somali mentality regardless of nationality.
Very disappointed in Farmajo's admin. Things can only go downhill from here.

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Afhayeenka SL
Goes to show ethiopia still really runs somalia. If cheeseman had balls he wouldn't give up the freedom fighter so easily and give the middle finger to ethiopia. I was hoping his trip to Egypt would change somalias foreign policy towards the habesh

Saalax Bidaar

Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness
Lol so what happened here cooldoon? Xamar not as Center of the Somali world as you once thought?

Naive guy.

Imagine the shit storm if SL had done this in the era of Social media?


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You might actually be right about the man all along :francis:

I'm not laughing at Farmaajo or Coldoon, I'm laughing at people like Inquisitive who pretend like they give a shit about the ONLF while insulting Farmaajo for being Darood. I don't know why he wrote an essay only to delete it :mjlol:

You couldn't make this story up, a Darood rebel leader protected for over 15 years by the supposed savage 'moriyaan' of HG in absolute secrecy despite repeated attempts by Puntland accusing us of harbouring ONLF to get Ethiopian support especially by Afbijo who almost succeeded capturing him while he handed over thousands of ONLF to TPLF

The man survives successive Hawiye lead presidents with no problems (HSM, Sheikh Shariif) then gets forcefully taken out of the hands of Galmudug after being ratted out by members of this administration newly appointed intelligence! only to be handed over to Ethiopia by a supposed nationalistic Darood leader.

I could have understood if Farmaajo like many before him travelled to Garowe and got the infamous sixir treatment by them and he acted like this, but that hasn't even happened to him but continues to appease them to the detriment of everyone that voted for him.

What makes this story even sweeter is the propaganda that was spread that the man was supposedly being saved from the same people whom harboured him for over a decade that somehow decided now to hand him over to Ethiopia

Even after what has transpired galmudug still goes ahead and cuts ties with NISA/Government for what they did, the most brave gobonimo act of 2017, gobanimo walo dasha as they say.
  • Al-Shabaab still roaming and causing disruption in southern Somalia and no signs of them being neutralized anytime soon
  • Farmaajo is also having a tough time controlling the Capital City as well with HG wrecking Havoc over the whole Abbas Siraji fiasco and Al-Shabaab still waging attacks from time to time
  • Corruption still going on and no signs of economical jump start happening anytime soon
  • No signs of reconciliation..

And the list goes on and on..

Things don't look too good for Farmaajo right now, and with this latest blunder people are slowly starting to lose faith in the guy.
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