Do You Agree with His Decision?

Do you agree with his decision?

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Liberal? Conservative?

Your not even married and you consulted a divorce.:draketf:

Anyways, the point I was trying to make is that a women's value is within her ability to build a life with you. If you're married to a passionate libaaxad who works hard, builds her equity and can raise children, what do you care if she high fives a guy?

Just like I tell people to focus on thier Gobol, they should equally focus on thier relationships and forget about other people's.
Why would a woman high five a man in front of her husband?
Having a conversation is one thing but I was immediately offput when I heard a man hugged her in front of her husband. The other man has absolutely no respect for her fiance
Sweety I don't believe @Inquisitive_ Is saying there's a problem with being popular. The problem is she's very popular among men. Honestly this confuses me as well.

Most if not all of my friends are women. If a girl has most the individuals knowing her as men this would also send alarms off for me.
Horta don't you date
It's terrible in UNI. I was once walking from class with this Indian guy and he tried forcing me into a hug in public

Only on the internet. It's a part of my troll act BWAHAHHAHA
I thought you were a liberal at heart.
No hugs for men walking in the street then?
All I'll say is your friend is insanely insecure. He needs to grow up and honestly, you're just as bad lmao. His "girl" dodged a bullet :nahgirl:
I recently met a friend of mine who was in doubt about the women he wanted to marry with regards to how well she is known or a lack thereof for the better, ofcourse he prefers one that isn't like most healthy males.

I advised him to take her out to a busy high street that's local and observe the direct/indirect/subtle interactions taking place whilst keeping his big mouth shut so he can observe while allowing her to do the same.

He just reported back to me in total shock calling the whole marriage off after counting almost 20 people she knew in the space of 60 minutes, 10 of them being males.

These interactions were of course mostly the friendly "Hi/Nod" gestures from a distance but three of those guys went further and came over for a brief chat while shaking his hand, one of them even hugged her. (he was in utter disbelief throughout)

I told him prior that misery loves company and most of these diaspora women are mini shameless celebrities that thrive of attention whoring until it catches up with them later in life.

I also told him the figure is likely higher then 10 as some males have more of an innate shame not to do such things when she is with someone in public unlike those other xoolo's

In light of this it would interesting to make a public poll to see what the wider sspot community thinks about this decision, interesting to read all the different points of views.
What she did in the past is the past. If she's amazing in the sariirta due to her past experience, she might be a keeper :gaasdrink:
@Inquisitive_ He made the right decision. He should keep his gheerah strong. Random guys won't say hi if she's with a guy and they don't know her. At least in my case they only dare to look until my husband sees them and kills them with his death stare haha. Honestly the hugging part was the clearest alarm of all time. If some random male can hug you because he knew you some time back there is a problem with her saying 'no' to physical contact in the past. Secondly she might have been the type to hang around with guys all the time instead of with sisters. I used to know a somali girl who was exactly like that. Whenever I finished my part time job in the weekends, on the way home random guys on the streets (luckily i was on my bike) used to shout out her name while mistaking me for her. Seriously that's code for a bad rep.
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Hey @Inquisitive_ This seems like a great test and I will use it on my future husband Insha allah so thank you for it.

My main issue with it is how do you distinguish men cat calling a woman from men knowing the women?
The person can easily tell the difference between the cat caller and the person that knows the women, experience is not even required for this, if the guy can't tell these apart he is a clueless buffoon.

The actions of the cat caller as well as the reaction of the women both give this away, a friend of her or a man that knows her never behaves in such a way, he gives her a 'friendly' nod from afar which she reciprocates with an acknowledging smile.

None of this takes place through a cat call, the reaction of her is one of surprise if not disgust and you can see on the face of the man that he doesn't know with that goofy desperate smile.

However the reaction here is still important, if there is no visible disgust on her face or a contempt for such actions, your dealing with a class A attention-*****.
She dodged a bullet without even knowing it.
may Allah look out for me like that. i cant imagine marrying an insane nigga who'll observe my every move like a psycho.

but then again, no zoomali guys for me so i doubt i'll have to deal with insecure little *****es like the op and his friend.
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