Do You Agree with His Decision?

Do you agree with his decision?

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f*ck you im from Mudug
I'm more attracted to quiet, serious guys. I bet you are the type who can't pass a woman in the street without giggling at her and making stupid silly jokes that Somalis call 'kaftan.

:nahgirl::nahgirl::nahgirl: Im a man of honor :gucciwhat:


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if they hugged her why didnt he just ask her at that moment instead of making up assumptions?


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Hey @Inquisitive_ This seems like a great test and I will use it on my future husband Insha allah so thank you for it.

My main issue with it is how do you distinguish men cat calling a woman from men knowing the women?

Often times when I'm out there will be individuals who will do ludicrous acts such as honking their horn, yelling at me, trying to initiate conversations. It's bad enough with cadaan men with the car honking but it it is even worse with my Somali brethren as they are the ones who will attempt to speak to me when I don't know them. This past Eid I was holding onto my mom's arm the whole time and every time I would look up (I kept my gaze down most of the time) there would be at least one man staring at me. It made me horrified especially since I was with my mom who was fully clothed in a jilbaab.

So my main question is, how do you distinguish catcalling from men knowing a girl?


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When he marries the girl with no friends he'll be b*tching about her being boring and having no interests. If she's charismatic and likeable I would think that a good thing, no? Not with contrarian abdis. They want a perfect girl and to pay zero in mehr.

I'm sure she'll find a better husband, no loss for her. :mjpls:
Sweety I don't believe @Inquisitive_ Is saying there's a problem with being popular. The problem is she's very popular among men. Honestly this confuses me as well.

Most if not all of my friends are women. If a girl has most the individuals knowing her as men this would also send alarms off for me.


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Good decision,I haven't even hugged a girl,if my potential wife gets a random nigga hugging her in front of me it speaks a lot about what she has done/can do behind closed doors.
Which Melbourne girl hurt you fam :gucciwhat: