Do we have a natural ally?


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Hmm ๐Ÿค” can't think of a good custom title
That's why we need a strong one Ummah. Gaaloos always come to Ethiopia's rescue when they are on the brink of collapse. Our natural allies are the Muslims.
All the muslim countries are in a mess tho we first need to put our house in order first and we can't expect anything out of the gulf arabs. They are all American puppets for the most part
I would vibe with nomadic turks, mongols and native americans.
For some reason nomads tend to have similar values
This is simply because of the Kurds, they live in the mountain rural parts of Turkey. Kurds donโ€™t name their kids Kurdish names, I fear Somalia is going down this route. Bleak
So, in summary, our natural alliances are mostly influenced by:
a) Culture & Religion: Turkiye, Indonesia, N. Africa, Yemen,
b) Mutual interest: Asian tiger economies.

And less by geography.
So, the essence of the discussion:
We do have natural, and potential allies. Let us acknowledge, nurture those relationships, build upon our commonalities, remedy that which is broken, and when we meet with people from the said natural, and potential allies, receive them well; put our best foot forward, and remember we are all ambassadors and representatives of our good name, land, and people.

Our deeds, good or otherwise, shall leave imprints, deposit signatures, and set precedence in the minds of people, who might have never heard of Somalis, let alone know of, and about them, and theirs.

Thank you all for a lovely morning. Off I go to my afternoon expeditions!
All the muslim countries are in a mess tho we first need to put our house in order first and we can't expect anything out of the gulf arabs. They are all American puppets for the most part
There are good signs. Right now Muslims are in a better situation than they were in the 19th or 20th century.
Are the rafidah part of the ummah in your opinion? Why do you think Iran would be a good ally, they despise the ahlu sunnah and insult the sahaba , they will never truly support a sunni country like ours
I was just highlighting the fact that Iran wanted to help us in 1978 out of Muslimnimo. Right now I don't like them and I don't expect anything from them. Their help will for sure come at the expense of Shi'azing the country. I don't want Somalia to be a place where the Sahaba ุฑุถูˆุงู† ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ู… is slandered and cursed.
I don't see any kind of revolutionary "renaissance" in the Muslim countriesโ€ฆyes, they are better now. But at least โ€” for me โ€” they seem to be slowly dying. No goals, just They run brainlessly behind capitalism.

Thatโ€™s why i say: Do not expect anything from anyone, and do not make the good intentions of others your goal. Move forward with a clear mind and burning ambition. Achievement is on the horizon.
i didn't know we became muslims before them :dwill: when and how?
Masjid_al-Qiblatayn_(Somaliland) Majid ziela in Somalia is one of the few mosques in the world to have contained two Qiblas in different directions, proving its pre-dating of creation of other mosques outisde of Saudi arabia. contrary to popular belief. all one simply has to do is compare the dating of these mosque's creations. the fact that it has 2 qiblas let alone is far more than enough to solidify such a fact


Our neighbour, ethiopia dislikes us because of the centuries old medieval hatred due to the Adal xabashi war. Yemen looks down on us and sees us as abeeds. Europeans hate us for being muslim and fighting back against them in the colonial era. Gulf Arabs hate us because they are arrogant and hate african muslims. Other (west, central ,east,south) africans think we are racist or in South Africa's case are envious of somalis becoming successful so they lash out at us instead of the Afrikaners who have oppressed them for 4 centuries.
What yemeni look down you


Sadly all these cushitic groups in Ethiopia don't seem to fancy fighting their habesha overlords.
Are we somalis the only cushites that can actually fight? What happened to the once glorious Cushitic race which once stretched from the nile valley to the great lakes
Great lakes we was in south africa before those ajanabis came burial sites bare our marking


Christian yemeni are good concubines


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Iโ€™m always confused by this, if the rulers were yemeni than who got screwed over?
It was a back and forth.
3000years ago the Yemenis conquered the Ethiopian highlands and put themselves as rulers, this made the highlanders language shift from a Cushitic language to a Semitic one.
The time i was referencing was When the last pagan Axumite king Kaleb conquered Yemen with the help of the eastern romans. King Ezana was converted to Christianity by some Greeks who encouraged him to abandon polygamy, however king Ezana accepted Christianity and made Ethiopia a Christian country but still kept his multiple wives.

EDIT: had to make some changes cause i got king kaleb confused with king ezana

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