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I lived in Kenya and let me tell you no one compares to them. They work hard so they actually sweat and it is the worst smell imaginable. Stepping into a minibus was like stepping into a gas chamber. They are found to genetically have bigger and more active sweat pores.
Ethiopians I was told were said to have stinky mouths and had bad mouth hygiene. It could be from there garlicy, oniony suugo and the raw meat they eat as well.
Somalis fobs in Kenya I remember would use a stick cadey to brush their teeth through out the day, and generally had good hygiene and would also apply catar, perfume and/or uunsi. When it comes to sweating they dont as they shun any form of hard labour.
Cadaans usually are sensitive to any strong smells, good or otherwise, so idgaf how smelly they find us when they come home with a shit stain on their underwear everyday from the sweat and remaining shit mixing.


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Idk about these other stereotypes but one that is evidently true is that Somalis are a loud bunch,you know your ears are going to get qarxised,when you have a habar that has a phone tucked in her hijab,in close proximity with you.
When I was in high school there was rumour going on that Somalis don't change their underwears for a week :gucciwhat:

We went through a lot :noneck:

Somali noob in junior high said he only shower once a week on Friday before salat jumca and it become a running joke. :francis:
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Then you must not live in the uk :samwelcome:
Nope I sure don't haha, here the somali habaryars always try to outshine each other by wearing expensive parfume nice shoes and bags lool. They even buy expensive hijaabs to look classy. Obviously I am not talking about freshies kaxooti who just entered the place. :D

omg why is reer UK giving us a stinky name.

haha the uunsi part is true though a friend of mine had a friend come over, and her mom lit some uunsi, the friend ended up running outside and puking on the streets ahahahha


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There is smell fobs have. Theyre not used to cooking indoors it's like they don't open a window and then go out in the same clothes, they stink of stale sununad/suqaar/suugo.
Some just don't put on deodorant and on hot days, they smell of BO and cheap cologne.
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