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yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
When I was in high school there was rumour going on that Somalis don't change their underwears for a week :gucciwhat:

We went through a lot :noneck:
Wallahi school was the worst there was this somali girl who told the class she showers every month and changes her underwear every two week. She was a fob btw
I’ve notice this stereotype that the ajanabi have always brought up and its that “somalis stink” :bell: How can ajanabi who only wipe when going to the toilet tell us we stink ? And where do you think this stereotype came from? Feel free to discuss other somali stereotypes
My sis friend once tried to compliment her by saying our house don't smell like other somalis house :kodaksmiley:
That really tried it.

So there seems to be this imagination with these qudhun gaal.

I don't agree. All somali places i've been to smell uunsi or some other normal shit.

I'll tell u who really stinks. Pakis, indi, nigerian (all west africans) & xabashis. I believe xabashis are the biggest crooks. They would win the olympics in most foul smelling house :deadosama::hova:


So much depends upon a red wheel barrow.
Never heard of Somalis being smelly or our houses being stinky.
What backwater town're you guys getting these stereotypes from?
Not open for further replies.