Dirty Talk In Somali

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Have you guys ever thought about it?
Maybe you already know o_O??

I can't imagine talking dirty in somali...what is there even to say

"Waan dhowahay"
:tacky: sounds awful

If a man asked me to call him aabo I might have to square up


How do you do it??


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Wan dhawahay? What's so dirty about that? Isn't it I'm near? :what1:

But flirting in Somali should be illegal let alone talking dirty in Somali. :tacky:


cismaan maxamuud

Waxaan aqriyeey ayaatul Kursi markaan arkay wuxu meshaa ku so qoreey.

Wabaa isla ficantahay. Maa waxaan ba la soo shir tagtay boowe. Afsomali ma aheen waxaad qoreysiid. :drakekidding:
okay i've been caught out,my somali writing is shit.I thought it was average till this thread :mjcry::mjcry::mjcry:.
I put a valiant effort tho :mjkkk::mjkkk:
Not going to lie...I've done it with an ex before and to be honest it was SUPERB. There's nothing sexier then a man who knows how to speak proper Somali.
"abaayo ma ku jiraa"

"ku bood bood bahalka"

"waan soo socdaaaaa"

:russ: :russ: :russ:
Naww it wasn't anything close to that sorry but if you don't know what to say then you probably are too young and I can't be held responsible for disclosing it to you. I think here in Canada where most people barely speak Somali ...when you do find that one guy who speaks proper Somali and isn't fresh off the boat (although there's nothing wrong with those who are it's just that there's a cultural barrier and it's hard to relate and frankly values and morals are significantly different) he would be the stand out among his group of friends. When it comes to dirty talk ...if you try it in Somali it's refreshingly sexy and different.


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Taking dirty in Somali just sounds retarded. This is the result of sex being a taboo in Somali culture.

If Im having sex with a woman and she says "put your **** between my tits and titty fuck me" that sounds super hot.

Now imagine if she said it in Somali "kaaley guskaaga naasahaan dhex geli, ee naasaha iga was"

I'd be dead start laughing :mjlol::damn::deadosama:
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