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Different types of Somali men

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Ngl I found this very funny :icon lol:

Which guys here do y'all think fit in these categories? :cosbyhmm:

I never met a Somali father who is abusive to his kids. I don't know where that stereotype came from.
I shall introduce you to my father :holeup:

One time he whopped my brother and I so bad we needed stitches :mjcry:

I didn't even do anything but because no-one of us would tell who opened fridges which was forbidden at night we both got beat :jcoleno:

Still love him though, he formed my succes trough adversaries as a single parent. My brother is now doctor soon to specialize in heart surgery and I a lawyer :it0tdo8:


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Deadbeat abo
-abusive af
-always yelling at wife & kids
-fake religious
-pretends to be nice when others are around

this one is too specific it's kind of sad. she must have faced this personally. I never met anyone on the list either. a more accurate list would be:

fifa abdullahi, slightly fobbish and always thinking about games, a good guy goes to the masjid on fridays.

engineer jamac: a nice guy who has a degree in engineering. he's considered boring by women so he's overlooked and goes back home to get married.

banker ali: more westernized, usually get degrees in political science of financial, always were suits, drive nice cars and talks in a borderline try hard accent.

hoodlum : this guy tries to act "black" but other than that is harmless.

wadaad ahmed: dresses in a thoub and imamah. goes to the masjid religiously and is involved in islamic studies usually used to be the hoodlum reformed or the fifa abdulahi.

criminal farax: this one is a step beyond the hoodlum and is fully engaged in crimes, drinking, drug use. His family has probably disowned him, and he lives in a halfway home.

quiet salax-a soft spoken man who never caused any trouble as a child. he's fairly religious and gets married at a young age

prettyboy- he takes pictures like a women and wears tight shirts and goes to the gym a lot. he also squints his eyes. he spends a lot of money, and goes out with a new women every week. when he finally does settle down, he gains thirty pounds, starts balding and starts telling everyone about how good looking he was in the past
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i am one of the people in the pictures
Haha don't lie no Somali looks like that, there all models accept the father figure, now he's a chap I would see daily on the streets ;) that's a regular Somali. I have yet to see a good looking chap. I am dissapionted the women are gorgeous but the men are bluegh !!
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