Describe your first crush

Some white girl i saw on the subway when i was 13

The subway was filled to the brim so i offered my seat to an elderly lady and went to the white girl and rubbed my dick on her ass for 10 minutes then i cummed
My first crush was Somali. He was a gaaban, chubby guy but he was really nice.

I felt weird about it tho because he was supposedly my "cousin", but I found out later that we're not that closely related. We're 10+ generations apart. Whew!

Shit had me conflicted and in denial for a long time
Lol tell me about it. Im related to a popular youtuber & i used to think he was cute. He still goodlooking but i dont feel the same way anymore:nahgirl:
My balls dropped when i was 10 ni**er:hillarybiz:

I had a moustache at 14 :camby:

Horta why are you developing so slow crackhead:bell:
If that's the case you oughta start settling down asap. Your biological clock is ticking and assuming that you are indeed somali your bidaar might be showing. This right now is your prime years, you have reached your peak. Your looks will deteriorate rapidly within 5 years, so it'd be ideal for you to trap a poor, unknowing whyte girl in marriage. That is if you wanna continue your family name with a white gril, arranged marriage should be in the cards too. In reality, there would never be an cadaano macaano who is willing to settle down in her young years. Best option is to get a hoe pregnant.
Hispanic, kindergarden/preschool teachers teenage son:mjlol: Idk how i felt so strongly being under 6yrs old looool.

Saw him not too long ago & he's still goodlooking & young, but he was with his girl :ohlord::wow:


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My first ever crush was a guy named Joshua Scott Chasez. He was a lot older than me but I didn't mind, I wrote him love letters when I was 9 and 10, I stopped writing the letters when I realized he didn't reply to my love. I had love him from a distance. I wouldn't call him my first crush more like my first ever love.

I will even insert a picture of him.

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