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Creative types


i think with my heart
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i found this quiz rather relaxing. awesome graphics. lmao at the question i'd rather be in a cocoon or beehive. :pachah1:

the description fits me well. ive always been motivated by beauty. looking beautiful, feeling beautiful, finding beautiful, creating something beautiful, sharing something beautiful with someone.... as an artist i think it is important to be yourself in order to present something be-YOU-tiful to the world :it0tdo8:
I think instead of grouping people to one category they show us a table of which one were best at
Ex. Visionary:30% and adventure:26% dreamer:44%

Btw I got visionary but most of the stuff the website said I couldn't make head or tails. Like wtf is a ruler or a scribble

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What’s yours ? Take the test. And then explain why you agree or disagree with the results.

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Sry didn't get the tag notification, lol had to type my nick in the search bar :browtf:
I got the Dreamer and I kinda agree to an extent. The part about the vivid imagination and being sunken in your own mind at times applies to me as a notorious day-dreamer. But where I disagree is that I also like to be very hands-on and practical, not much of a theorist/ deep-thinker, I like to keep my understanding of things on a "working-level".
Nice visuals, also liked the advice of practicing mindfulness to stay grounded to the here and now as a takeaway :nvjpqts:
yeah lol
Tf that supposed to mean tho
You mean the result ? you have to read what they said lool.

Driven, focused, and dedicated to the creative process, the MAKER has mastered the art of manifesting ideas and visions in three-dimensional form. Society greatly benefits from the work of MAKER types, who develop the systems, structures, tools, and innovations that the rest of us rely on.One of the hardest workers of all the types, the MAKER is almost always busy solving problems, making headway on personally meaningful goals, and completing projects. There are few things that bring you more satisfaction than applying your brain power to crafting things and making progress in any form. You tend to excel in design, crafts, architecture, and other fields that blend artistry with business and technology.