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Creative types


To each their own
that’s great! What did you study in school ?
I'm still doing tertiary studies in the science field, but throughout my high school I was big on maths.

I did fairly well in all subjects but overall my best were science and maths.


Engineer of Qandala
i know you’re a software engineer. You were probably thinking about the code or programming language behind these animations uh?
Lol yeah, I was thinking this would be a pain to set up with the animations/sound couldn't help it :mjkkk:
The producer.

Although I agree with most of it, I'm more than this one thing (probably lean towards 'thinker'), but it's all right, I guess. Lol

The results claimed people with this type need to anchor their productivity to their deeper sense of purpose, which I have and believe it's excellent advice for people that want to reach a greater goal.
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