1. C

    American Somalis on Sspot Snm

    I hereby declare that I will not try to reason or debate with an American somali on this forum anymore. The land of immigrants or should I say ignorance is certainly apparent in this group. I will save the remaining brain cells I have. :liberaltears::hillarybiz:
  2. Nuur Iidaan

    Come and see stupidity

    The funny thing is, they actually think they've done something with this. Non-cuck cadaan man everywhere are laughing at this. Below is the screenshot, just in case it gets deleted and y'all want to see the stupidity.
  3. YoungFarah

    Do you speak Somali?

    I'm pissed off Waryaada. How can you be Somali and not know Somali WTF. Like how is this possible. I've been staying at my younger cousins house for the past two weeks and these sambacs don't know Somali. They sound fuckin autistic when they speak and they have a hint of that Abgaal accent when...