Chinese girl on a Blackface on Youtube.

stop lying and it's still rude as hell. imagine siding with racist when your madow asf? because somalis aren't that different from other madows
I don't know how to convince you. I legitimately do not care about this sort of stuff. I'm a short guy, 5'8, and I know most women have a preference for taller men. I don't care about that. Also like I said I wouldn't say they are ugly in front of their face. Partly due to self-preservation and it might also probably hurt them a little emotionally.
I agree with the comments. Part of the reason madows are so ugly is because of their bone structure and hair texture and length. That said I will say pale skin is still more attractive.
Some of the most beautiful people I have seen have been Madow. Do you know how diverse they are in looks themselves??

You are such a hater, coming onto here and saying "pale skin is attractive"
Who let this white supremacist larping as a Somali in?

Doofarkan Somaali Mahaan