Can you tell which region a Somali is from just by looking at them?


(Alkebulan mother of mankind)

Somalia is in sub Saharan Africa so of course the dominant skin complexion is gonna be these guys.
No lie I saw a doppelganger from a different clan at a mosque, it was surreal lol. These dudes are tripping, most Isaaq I see are in the middle range of skin tone, some lighter and some darker, same with other clans, across the spectrum most Somalis look the same
So what's this cat eyes Almond eye stereotype, Arab bs i'm seeing bruh lmaooo
People Call Majeerteen Jaaarer Looking But I'm 6.4 Redish Brown I Don't Know Who These Short Bantu Looking People Who Cosplays As Mjs Are And Where Yall Be Seeing These Folk At
I've met Somalis from all clans, we're practically the same. Instead of clans, I think the difference we're seeing is mostly anecdotal and stems from the families we tend to encounter, don't be surprised you have a doppelganger from a different region let alone a clan you're neighbouring.

Cap, you guys probably saw some assimilated families, Raxaweyne look just as Somali as the rest and their girls are in high demand now, a lot of guys in my city including some fam members are trying to cuff them.
facts, us somalis literally have the same genes and access to all the same features


That's all!
This is the kind of look I'm talking about when I was talking about Isaaqs

hibaq jama.jpeg

I know this phenotype is common with all clans (I have a similar look as a Darood for instance), but Isaaq people seem to have it at the highest frequencies.
I know mostly of the Northern Somali clans.

Isaaqs such HA have lots of light skin people. Dhulbahante such as the Naleyah Ahmed’s are light people as well for the most part. How does this light skin play a role? Well HA and Dhulbahantes had few people that stumped me in thinking there not Somali, same as the Cad Cads.

But the vast majority of Somalis (95%) look the same.


That's all!
Yeah, all the big social media landers are lightskin or close like this guy and Chunkz skewing the view kkk. Somalis forgetting SL is in subsaharan africa, they thinking the camel herder whos in the sun all the time is a lightskin timo jileec like in facebook kkkk:lolbron:
I get the people back home not being very light- skin due to the heat of the place, but do you think we pulled timo jileec out of our asses just because we live in the diaspora? :pachah1:We inherited it from them (ancestors who lived back home)