Calculate how many camels your girl will cost

Girls stop calculating camels on your imaginary boyfriend.. We wanna see how many camels you're worth not your boyfriend which is unrealistic really..
Just choose your look and age in the calculator and let's see who's the qalanjo of Sspot.. And please don't cheat.
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A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
Why buy a whole camel when the camel milk is free slaughter a sheep and call it a day what do you think this is bollywood
Honestly i will be generous and say you worth 50 camles because you have a sweet and a likable personality ok
A camel today in Somalia is worth more than $1500 US Dollars ...mow
50 camels ×$1500 = $7200

For god's sake that is the same prince as the da new Porch 718 Cayman S

Are you saying a xalimo is worth more than a Porche 718!!!
Come on sister you better than that:cool:
Bro no offense but with that math and grammar you're probably worth only one camel