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  1. Abdisamad

    Calculate how many camels your girl will cost

    Guys here's an app where you can calculate how many camels it'll cost you. If you're planning to get married.. http://kamelrechner.eu/en For the girls show us how many camels you'll cost if you were to get married.. Who's most expensive girl on Sspot

    Really old music (20s-90s) of any genre, get it rolling

    I'll start with my 70s collection Waaberi - Itaageer Allahayow Year: 1973 or earlier Place: Xamar, Somalia گرم شه, لا گرم شه Year: 1978 or 1979 Place: Afghanistan أنا مارد الثورة الظافرة Year: 1969 or 1970 Place: South Yemen Black Sabbath - War Pigs Year: 1974 Place: The California Jam in USA
  3. Afro-Diasporan

    Afro-Diaporan's Disco Official Disco Music Thread

    As I promised I will share the music of my culture and I decided to start with Disco. Disco helped laid the foundation for House Music. I will post a few songs of day in this genre so you can add to your playlist. In the future be on the lookout for my other music threads. Future Threads: 1.)...