Bosaso And Garowe Park. Video

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I agree with everyone in here that development is crucial, but honestly brothers how long can we keep giving people bread to silence their opposition, it's how the gulf arabs do their citizenry, give them good perks and welfare to keep them silent. But as you know money, food, resources, all these things are not growing on trees forever and ever and do run out sooner or later. What do we do then?

I agree we do need strong institutions but who do u think is manning those institutions? robots? they are somalis and if they don't truly believe in the institutions, it's pointless as corruption, under the table deals, and all bad vices will start spring out of that and the people start to lose confidence again and eventually some opportunistic politician will see this 'discontent' like they did with siyad barre and begin re-grouping for another civil war.

I think it's the people that are most important not so much the institution which will really are only paper based ideas, it's the people who enforce the ideas of the institution, If the ppl are corrupt by nature, how u think the institutions will be? Some call for a cultural change like anti tribalist movement(SIYAD TRIED THIS ALSO) and im not confident it will ever really happen. I mean look at the gulf arabs rich as hell yet tribal as hell also.

While others who I agree with say lets return to our culture to build a system that compliments it, at least then the people understand it from a cultural aspect and it's easier to sell to them. But trying to sell a western model an individual geared system to an illiterate group based society is a big ask truly, I mean you can just look at it's success in Africa which also is a 'group' based society, if you need further proof just look in the continent.
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