Beesha Somali Bantu are crying for justice

They have the numbers to cause serious damage to their enemies they choose not to and this is what happens. If they dropped the pacifist nonsense it wouldn't be long before they are treated with the respect they deserve
Respect? Saxib two sub-clans of the same qabil have killed thousands from each other over less. The day they take up arms is when shit gets serious. They will be massacred. And they know it, that's why they are quiet now.


[Cali Saleebaan][Migiurtinia]
I have seen plenty of N&N bots on twitter saying this is made up story and these Bantus are acting in the video, walahi these bots have zero sympathy for anyone beside the Cheeseman.:snoop:

Marshall D Abdi

Know you’re place peasant
Everyone here replying telling to leave the country they were born all sound like the racist white supremacists who I clearly remember telling us the same thing.

Stop picking on people you consider lower than you when we considerably have nothing to brag about & claim superiority over anyone.
Somali supremacists*

wtf has white ppl to do with this :draketf:


Isagu/Isaga | Stop Asian Hate
Jareeers in Somalia have the valuable land in the country and make up most of the terrorists, they're not miskeen.
may Allah make it easy for them.Its baffles me how many people are dependent on one guy who im assuming makes an average somali wage.The reporter said 100 people are dependent on him :jaynerd: ,regular folk in somalia should avoid having too many kids if they cant afford it, the sadness and the tears in the eyes of those children was heart wrenching:jcoleno: