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Since she is very busy with work and her post-grad studies, I felt empty not reading her witty, swag & intellectually posts for a while. I hope the Queen of Somalispot, her excellence Madame @Knowles hasn’t abandoned us.
We (including those who fake to dislike her) missed you so much and wish you all the success. She has all the qualities in becoming the first female president of a united Somalia. Wave to us from time to time.

Please, show her some respect and appreciation and let her know that she has been deeply missed.


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Aussie is very kind and gentlemenanly in the forums but very rough in the DMs, is he the same with you?
Ummm girl you know I will uppercut him if he tries that.

Besides why are you being so loud, my sspot bae is now mad because he thinks I’m cheating. Smh

Sxb, I hate to bring Luuq stories here. I believe what happens there should stay there. Anyway, since she mentioned it, all I asked @Knowles was, ‘will you travel to me like those Swedish Somali girls who travel every weekend for their men in England’ and she was offended. I asked the same question to @Reiko here on the forum and she said, yes, she joined hagbad to save airfares. A modern & strong girl should go for what she wants.

I just made up that story because I don’t want to get in trouble with the two gems I admire.
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