Are you in love?


Future Dictator 💪🏾| Somali Nationalist🇸🇴
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Future Dictator 💪🏾| Somali Nationalist🇸🇴
Your destiny calls for total devotion @Idrus. Don’t lose sight
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@Somali Ugaas he has been put on probation, 2 more strikes until he is officially deposed.
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My love is Somaliweyn.

I agree, we need to cut down the incels numbers in our community and produce more somali babies to boost our population above our neighbours.

I will fulfil the nations need by starting my own clan with all the strong somali children I shall produce :salute:


Future Dictator 💪🏾| Somali Nationalist🇸🇴
Not you, dabbaal. I was talking about @Idrus.
How are we going to make it???
I have an illiterate and a loverboy as co-conspirators for an empire! So help me God
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I am going to start writing a political manefesto this year.
I'm no loverboy, I'm a devout somali nationalist


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What does love actually mean? If you go by the Bollywood definition, love exists insofar as our evolutionary hard wired needs for procreation are met. Love is a means to a greater goal, it is merely the means. That's why feelings of euphoria and passion die within a few months to a few years which then transforms into merciful coexistence and for many, mere tolerance.