Arabization is the worst that happened to Somalis

May be I should not have made this thread. You guys are ruthless. The irony Is tho, you guys are militant muslims and simultaneously leaving in majority non Muslim countries.
with this website i can finally live out my dream of becoming carl von gustav stern 15th a 16th century german aristocrat trapped in the body of a ecadorian bean farmer living in the costa rican highlands with 15 kids and 4 wifes of varoius racial identity :ahh:
Your slavery fantasy comes into play
I think your a troll
A very good one
Welcome to somalispot
Wallahi, I am not. You can check my introduction. The thing is I thought this forum was not this conservative. If I knew this, I would not have brought her all together. If you check the first page, a person who knows my gf is Jewish started talking about nazis and I had to shut him down, shit hit the fan from there. @Halimo Supremist started giving me qashin and everyone started being an antisemite.