Am I the only one who’s gonna try to use Ramadan to lose weight?

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Ayy chill g, that looks like a big deficit. Try aim for 500 less (maximum) than your Daily maintenance.


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Normally I’d aim for a summer body but now I just need a post quarantine body :mjkkk: :mjhaps:


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Always hear this from overweight Muslims


then Ramadan comes and they gain weight.

If you really want to lose weight go fast and run outside
My people will fail to lose weight, as the gyms are closed. Mosques will be too, tawarih is a good form of exercise too. It will be too dark to run on the roads by the time the food has gone down and dry fasting affects your energy levels.

I'm lucky to have weights and a treadmil at home. So no issues for me.

I would avoid carbs after iftar and go hard on your proteins and healthy fats, eat light for suhur. By doing this, you will avoid weight gain during Ramadan. I'm looking to maintain and bulk after Ramadan to gain mass. In the summer I will cut again.
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Normally I’d aim for a summer body but now I just need a post quarantine body :mjkkk: :mjhaps:
Same!! This damn quarantine is the last thing I needed atm. All the gyms are closed and working out @ home sucks :mjcry:
I’ve been saying this for years and years but have failed.

Losing weight is much easier outside Ramadan unless if you live alone and don’t have women cooking you large tempting high calorie foods and dozens of ol’ samosa that we eat it like savages and don’t realize it’s 300 calories each.