Al shabaab is clearly no longer a Somali organization

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They were promised 40 acres and they got crack dens instead - wallahi Gaalacaddiin are bad people. Somalis and slavery was short period of time and all that time they were being converted to Islam so they can live freely in Somali lands - but missionaries keep targeting them and small clans in camps to give them cuqdad and a new diin - atheism, blackism or christianity - which the ones without iimaan will lap up because it means something for nothing. I don't want anyone forcibly removed wallahi, I just want them to cut of these fake ethnic ties which spread christianity and disunity with Somalis - we could live happily together if they did that. Loyalty is so important especially after the gaalo invaded using black nationalism aka African unity. If they start that interfaith Bantu business - we can officially unite with Muslim Oromo, Afar, Jeberti and Swahili to stop this from spreading. Christianity is one of those religions that is controlled by the imperialists so it changes on the whims of the Americans and Europeans - which basically means that it invites colonialism. Islam doesn't change with the times so its a fair system and everyone knows their rights.

I have to take that comment back walaal - I realised that they took her hijab off because the girl on the right has her hijab down and looks really sad/violated.
The sad thing is these people are in camps because no Somalis will help them, they'd do anything for a better chance, even join Shabaab.The ones that do join need to die, you can't justify the killing of innocent Somalis. I don't think other faiths/ideologies will spread in Somalia the majority are and will always be Muslim.


Elected king? Well there's something you don't see every day.

Shabaab get everything through qaniimo. Every weapon they own was confiscated from a foreign army after a successful battle. I have to give them respect as an army, they're far more disciplined and purposeful and than any army in Africa. You should watch their videos, they'll make you feel proud to be a Somali.

Its actually hunger and illness that's killing Somalis. That and dejected, poor and purposeless Ethiopian army who keep crossing the border and killing people once a fortnight.
His a king of mj and maybe harti excluding dhulbahante who have there own king:axvmm9o:
His a king of mj and maybe harti excluding dhulbahante who have there own king:axvmm9o:
Shut up you SJW kid. You shouldn't have been talking about on matter like this. Instead, you should have been learning from male elders instead of coming here what hooyo told you. Remember you said hooyo told you this, hooyo told you that, so it is not like I am making that up.

Just to educate you mote, MJ king is the king of all D block. If you don't know that, check with elders in Minneapolis. Besides, there isn't DH king. There are many garaads.

Now, don't come back here and told us more of a hearsay, and hooyo told you this and hooyo told you that. i ain't got time for that :dead:
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