Aj Shabeel Insta posts 😐


Plotting world domination
Aj is ass as well if it wasn’t for chunks or darkest then he wouldn’t be here.

Anyways the only Somali streamers I like is

1)View attachment 317090(might say bit edgy stuff but overall decent streamer )

2)View attachment 317091(I like him funny dude . Tells story about his lifetime in Egypt and Somalia )

Prince is way better than yusuf7n. I hope he actually blows up I see his content a lot. I don't watch any streams but I like any vid with a Somali content creator.

Honestly when it comes to social media UK somalis are out performing us north Americans. Reer Minnesota needs to stop being useless and form a north American beta squad.


All praise is due to Allah Lord of the worlds.
Well well well... what did we tell you is no one but Somalis that are to be blamed for other ajanabis to get confident into mocking us and making others who has never met a somali believe the average somali looks like Barkhad. But dumbasses will insist for me to touch grass and not realise that its somalis themselves that are doing self deprecating jokes

I honestly don't think we will ever have a come back in our lifetime.
What’s with Somalis and self depreciating jokes, never see any other ethnic group do this cringe stuff.

last time was that mentally unstable captured soldier pic he was saying it’s him.

Cringe thing is he doesn’t even look nothing like either, just feeding Ajnabi cringe Jokes. He needs to respect himself.

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He is pandering to the west like the good puppy he is.


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