Abgaal 23andMe & Gedmatch puntDNAL K12 Modern Results

My 23andMe results make me seem a rather typical Somali at first - E-V32 and all.

Then I see my mtDNA... "L4b2a2a".

Then I decide to take it to GEDmatch since I thought it would clear up the confusion.... now I'm worried.

Apparently L4b2a2a peaks in Sandawe and Hadza - basically admixed Sans, iirc and that South African is a TOO HIGH MANNN.

I'm super worried, guys. I'm going to need all the help I can get from the SSpot experts!

@Apollo , interested in dissecting? I'm willing to use any other calculator you guys have in mind.
Your 3.5% East Asian, your practically Chinese lol.
Your very Caucasian for your Average Southern Somali, that Rahweyene dude got 5% West African lol. You are now a certified Somalispot member lol.
apparently somalis have partial hunter gatherer ancestry, they lived both south and north and were absorbed by somalis according to past discussions on here.


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