A Twitter Thread Against Certain Somali Girls On Twitter Sparks Outrage and Praise

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ʜᴀᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ
I said this awhile ago on this site. They're carbon copies of each other :siilaanyolaugh:
Xalimos all watch scandal, in late 2000s they all were Boston celtics fans, today they all hate LeBron James, they're all Beyonce fans, they all have or had the name"Queen" in their social media account(s), they all wanted to live/work In carabta, marrying convert for an apple or more recently double apple shisha:mjhaps:

Other recent noteworthy trends

Korean shows
Makeup artists
"Dm for inquiry" of God knows what in instagram headline
YouTube vids with ajnabi
Claiming East African as if it's a ethnicity/country

You have to remember most women have no hobbies.
This guy preach
He is sooo right about everything he said i cant believe somali girls are like this lol

But we are not all like that, i think most normal girls dont have twitter and domt breg about being liked by all the other etnicities on social media
You never see Chinese kids and Indians waste their time on this crap because they got their priorities straight. Twitter will just waste your time in the dunya and aqira. Not you op but the people on these twitter drama all the time
This is how i feel about social media
People sometimes tell me im crazy that i dont have it lolll
But i feel much better without it
Not open for further replies.