Analysis 1989-2019 - Somali Civil War Death Toll. Map

All the claims of hawiye that 'darod' did genocide is simply not showing thru the 'data' or 'stats'. Hawiye live in denial that the stats show the genocide was the USC. All this nonsense of Darod killing people in JL or baydhabo is nonsense. The stats are there for u to see for all the years of the civil ar and u will see nothing like what happened in Mogadishu in 91 has even been matched. It was the largest death toll in all of the civil war to never be matched, waxay uu bahan tahay arintani in la xuso oo malin qaran laga dhigo not la inkiro the worst genocide in somali history.

There is no excuse not to hold a 91 memorial, the statistic shows u it was the worst genocide in all of Somali civil war. It requires also that 'clan cleansing' book is distributed thru out somali schools to understand the civil war history and also send all the civil war registry database as additional proof that this isnt a myth that is unsubstianted by 'data' like HARGEISA this is corroborated by largest organization for civil war death tolls.

There simply was nothing to report in 88 and that's why it all started in 89 the real death toll is what i assume or they would've reported hargeisa if death toll was as they claim. SNM lied to @SirLancelLord because no organisation has data on hargeisa. The kids of Somalia should be taught the USC killed civilians and were to scared to fight 'ciidaan' so the hawiye kids know their clan is weak and targets unarmed civilians
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waryaa @SirLancelLord the majertens have the book clan genocide in 91

Plus we got the 'death toll' statistics year by year from 89-2019 showing the largest genocide occured in 91 which correlates and backs up the books story.

There is no denial in this sxb, all u need to do is begin educating yourself and your children that this is where the true genocide in somalia took place. It needs to be remembered as 'national sorrow day' and all students taught the devastating story of how somalia crumbled. The lies of siyad barre killing are exonerated by this statistic showing during the period of 89-91 he didn't harm civilians like USC did. No haji ingris or biased kayd media videos will answer this dilemma you all are facing. Sheekadi ana gar daran iyo ada gar daran manta lama joggo, manta waxay jogta CADAYN INDHAHA LAYSKA GELIYO.
@Jablibax hawiyihi oo ku gamban jiray siyad ba dalka burburiyay oo xasuuqay is unfounded niyahow, the international civil war statistics shows siyad was not a genocidal maniac because death toll is low in 89-91 in mogadishu, same with the northern part of Somalia.

Northern part of somalia where @SirLancelLord is from the death toll rises to extreme levels after 91 because aideed sent tuur to bring them back into the union, iyaga islaayay niyahow and they want to blame siyad. No statistic backs up anything they say, 88 never happened if it did, it would be shown as apart of the civil war.

Gar qaado @Calaf your uncle was severely misrepresented BY Lying somalis. U niggas need to stand up for siyad and show hawiye and isaaq where the death toll was and it was in 91 when usc took over hamar there is an immediate spike to 8000 and that 'spike' was never seen in any year of somalia up untill 2019, it was the largest genocide in somali civil war. Plus the book clan cleansing should be made study material for students in somalia, farmajo shouldn't act like it didn't happen or it's gong to open up 'national wounds'. National wounds are cleared when all parties accept data oo aan layksu been sheegin if the most respected institution for civil war is telling u this is what happened

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Not a single hawiye has come and said the data is wrong. They can't that's why. It's the only organization in the world that provides data on death casualties in civil war to all governments of the world. I urge PL govt to send this data immediately to the international organizations and show them that 'darods' have been the victims of the civil war since 91 and show them that 'darod' govt statistic of siyad barre was very 'low' in comparison to the USC who try to tell people that 'siyad' was a monster, no the stats says the monsterosity started in 91 with the highest peak in murders.

Unfortunately @SirLancelLord as a typical id22r u love to come in and swipe when niggas are talking 'statistics' and u respond with opinion. U don't have a 'shred' of evidence of siyad barre hargeisa genocide, not 1 exists but it does for 'darod' it's registered with the most respected civil war casualties organization in the world. All you have is 'snm mythology'
You still ignored me is that a habit for you saaxiib :dead:
@SirLancelLord never wants to pick up this book nor does he want his children taught it, he wants to act like it didn't happen or deflect to siyad barre when siyad has no 'death' on his hand in comparison to what happened in 91. Not a single event in the civil war has come close to match that death toll. This is his worst nightmare to read this book, he probably has it banned from circulation in Somaliland

The Darod people demand an apology from Somalia for the 1991 clans-cleansing, ignoring it, brushing it away, acting like it didn't happen won't work anymore. Data is in, Book is there, what's stopping you from reading it and seeing the worst genocide in Somalia.
From somalia? We need an apology from the people who massacred darods, the somali governement was already out of the picture when our people were being butchered by USC im xamar