1. Quruxley

    Different types of Xalimos in 2020

    Xalimoid - Loud, Ghetto, Inferiority complex , Different flags in Twitter bio, shits on somali men, Hungry for Babatunde's gúus. Xalimo - Loyal to somali men, doesn't use Twitter, has deen/dhaqan, can speak somali well. carry on 👇
  2. Helios

    Smart Man With Advice For Xalimos

    My Somali is improving I could understand most of what he said :wow1:
  3. abdullah233

    Sspot general section since COVID lockdown

    Akh right alt cacusian movement Gender wars Blm threads and faygate Rer Sweden vs uk And now tiktok threads
  4. Invader

    Xalimos take this L

  5. Helios


    So I sat in my local Tim Hortons and interviewed an Odey for sspot. He hates Xalimos and Hawiyes but he tells us about his great parenting ability. Ladies it gets good for you past 1:47 dw SUBTITLES ON listen to all of it pls A smart Xalimo who listened to the end Ty Lostbox for tags lol
  6. Yj97

    Question for xalimos & poll for faraaxs

    faraaxs do you think a lot of Somali girls are toxic, negative and aggressive? If you voted yes, lets know why Xalimos, why are a lot of you so toxic and aggressive? Don’t tell me it’s just bants because it really isn’t. It’s obsessive and toxic behaviour to put someone down constantly, and...
  7. pablo

    What do you guys think? (Especially ladies?)

    what’s the opinion of the women on here, He notices the difference of media promotion between men and women don’t agree with him on everything though, but makes good points. would be problematic if only Horner women are representing black women especially in USA, I think it would eventually...

    BLM xalimo thinks we colonized Somalia (from 02.15.19)

    BLM has crossed the line Just look at her sksksksk
  9. Abkaal

    Modern Nomads: How Much Mehr money is too much

    @Knowles soo gal :siilaanyolaugh: @Buuq @RICH @Buraanbur911 @Desert Flower @Factz
  10. Boqor

    Somali girls clubbing: Ramadan less than 20 days away.

    Xalimos are trash wtf look at this xalimo clubbing 20 days before Ramadan.... Girl on the right at 0:14 is Somali. Watch whole video. Now the question is why are Somali girls so trash? :vqbuyv0: While Somali girls are clubbing and smoking weed and looking for "dark chocolate" men our...
  11. chosen one

    Somali women before vs after

    Ancient times 2018 :meleshame:
  12. DeathWish

    Can Guys and Girls Be Friends?

    Do you agree with these Xalimos? This is a new podcast by educated Xalimos. Please support them, walaalayaal!! What is your opinion on this podcast? If you have any questions, this is their social media: https://twitter.com/oteapodcast
  13. TheMadMullah

    What is behind the Rise of Somali S in the west?

    For years now the the rise of somali s has been on sharp and steady increase in the west. What could be the cause? as the others muslim communities are not really equally affected, despite the fact that some have stayed longer than us in the west. NO emotions plz just be rational!
  14. TheMadMullah

    This is the chance for xalimos in the west to redeem themselves

    we all know that for the last decade or so the reputations of the xalimos in the west has been going downhill. They have been seen as the worst image of Muslims in the west by all Muslim communities. They have also been seen as welfare taking with each xalimo dragging 6-8 kids the least. But...