1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    Sub-Saharan n1ggas are winning here!!

    Black faaraxs are being fetishized over here in T8rkey for that well known reason and are nothing less than a trend. Every T8rkish xaliimo wants to dig deep into that BBC stereotype.. but Sub-Saharan madows are winning and taking advantage of that while fob faaraxs are running after other fob...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Public Apology to all women I’ve hurt

    I have acted very shamefully in the past few weeks. I rarely take things seriously, but I admit I have spit very hot takes on ladies as many faraax do here day in and day out. while I don’t believe I’ve Been as bad as some others, I recognize the error in my ways. For all women on SSpot...
  3. Odkac WRLD

    Xalimos and traveling alone

    Let me start off by saying this is not a gender war I just needed some clarification.... I am aware that in majority of Islamic countries it’s either frowned upon or straight up not okay for young unmarried ladies to travel internationally on their own. Personally I could care less about the...
  4. D

    Somali girl tells the truth about

    Somali girls being cheap and clean. She says Somali women are embarrassing and have low standards. She says the ones who marry out mainly go for ex-con reverts. :francis:
  5. D

    "Deeqa Afro must be stopped"

    Even the cadaans are tryna search for clouts/views/fame from somalis at the same time tryna police xaliimos. This is hilarious wlh:pachah1::pachah1: Xalimoos!:kodaksmiley:
  6. BanskiFaarax

    Fat Xalimos

    Even tho i love my xalimos, the amount of FAT xalimos compared to the FIT looking ones is unreal. out of every 10 xalimos i see every day only 1 or 2 are fit and the rest be looking like
  7. AarHawd_7

    Im at a London nightclub now and...

    My Somali bretherens little sister is here with a madow popping bottles and sh!t. I can see here right now shaking her phat bum while the madow is touching her. She is a hijaabi normally, shes wearing a tight skirt now. What should I do? Take her home my force as were neighbours. Call her...
  8. Xooshdheere

    Somali girl achieving AAA

  9. ArchBishopofAtheism

    BBW/Thick Girls Referendum

    Recently I noticed a few of you are into BBWs. I will only reveal my preference after the first person outs himself as a BBW lover. Go! Not all BBWs/thick girls are the same, so post pics of what you like. I'll start. Don't judge me!
  10. Mohsin

    Somali man posted revenge showing his ex wife naked and sex video

    Somali man in Ohio posted of Video his wife he shared on Facebook later Yaab aragnay tahoo kalena waa dhici ismaanlahayn dadku markey bataan noocwalba waa ka soo baxaa
  11. Dhay Geel

    Xalimos with yellow hijab

    what is it with xalimos and colourful xijaabs. It's 2017 and I'm still seeing xalimos wearing yellow, orange, pink and brown hijabs when I go to the high street. Do you know how embarrassing this is, especially when they approach you and ask you for help. Somalis are so fresh, even the ones that...
  12. Prince Abubu

    Gender Wars Episode V: Attention seeking Xaliimo strikes back

    Now they're comparing us to heavy weight boxers. Xoolahan yaa hadaba ku yidhaah naa orodoo qadoda kari? :drakelaugh:
  13. Prince Abubu

    I've just heard the nastiest story

    Apparently there was a couple who got maried in Hargeisa and the girl only had one bridesmaid for some reason. The bridesmaid was a full on Niqabi ninja and allegedly there is a tradition where the bridesmaids stay and look after the bride for a few days after the wedding. Well the husband was a...