women empowerment

  1. Odkac WRLD

    Issuing a warning to all Somali men going back home this summer

    Paying hundreds to Wed and bed a miskiin 13-16 year old girl back home knowing you aren’t taking her with you is definitely NOT a flex at the worst this is pedophilia/statutory rape at best it’s a awkward dude figuring he’d have more success with a girl who needs his help rather than a true...
  2. Hodan from HR

    An Open Letter To My Somali Diaspora Sister

    Dearest Sister, You have heard it all; the constant misogynistic remarks from our men. You have been ridiculed for your desire for a legitimate monogamous marriage. You have been called materialistic for wanting a man who will not withhold his wealth from you. The best amongst our men will...
  3. Emily

    Women empowerment walk 2018

    My girl Amber dressed like a sexy bride She is beautiful, caring, intelligent and awesome mom. But come for her and she will brutally destroy you. Y’all remember how she shut down Kanye West:chrisfreshhah: Some pictures of the 2018 women empowerment walk Yoo she is about marry her rich...