1. alien

    Lol White people

    I decided to search up afros for whatever reason (because I wanted to see some good afros). Why is this the first thing I see. No Jonathan I don't want to buy an afro wig. I have curly hair. You could never with your pin straight hair :damsel::tacky:
  2. 486th President

    White Mode VS Dark Mode

    Alright I’m gonna need to know which one do y’all use and why do you use it I use White mode when it’s day time and Dark mode at night for my sensitive eyes *leave your answer in the poll as well*
  3. F


    Choose what you prefer.
  4. Exodus

    Farax’s are finished

    How’s he twerking better than her? :bell:
  5. AIOPZ

    Why do Somalis hate Arabs so much?

    They're your Muslim brothers, chill. I've noticed on this site that there's a lot of anti-Arab resentment amongst Somalis. Y'all can't talk shit about Arabs until you guys manage to pull this off. Nayal Nassar, an Egyptian man in a long-time relationship with Jennifer Gates, the daughter...
  6. H

    Who here is half Arab half Somali (no trolls.) Most mixed somalis are normally half white.

    Any of y'all half: Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Bahraini, Imani, Yemeni (legit Yemeni, straight from Yemen), Iraqi, Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Libyan etc My father is from Northern Yemen. My mom is Somali.
  7. Yungmulababy23


    Why doesn't anyone talk about this muslims are treated way worse than blacks, if you have a muslim name and you try to go on dating sites, or apply for a job you'll have a negative chance of succeeding. Years ago I had this job at this store I was working with these african and I was treated way...
  8. SadioMane

    Do white people butcher your name?

    I always have to repeat my name ten times to white people. Then I have to spell out another 10x. I remember in school new teachers would be calling out the register and then fall silent on my name! I mean how hard is it to pronounce: Culusow Cabdiraxiim? Do white people mess up your names?
  9. A

    Paradise papers

    Who are all these Chinese and white people with offshore companies linked to Somalia https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=&c=SOM&j=&e=&commit=Search
  10. madaxweyn

    Let's be honest Somali & Cadaan is a beautiful mix

    Both their dads are Somali :jcoleno:
  11. Zach

    My mother stopped by police

    So my mother was stopped by the police because she was out in the mall with my nephew. Apparently a woman called the police because she didn’t like that my mother was out with a “white” kid. The fact that white people adopt black kids all the time must slipped her mind? Like what’s wrong with...
  12. Zach

    Barely African?

    So my sister did this 23andme thing and it turned out she is barely African. I can’t post her results here because she doesn’t want that, which is understandable. So basically it goes like this: 26% Sub Saharan Africa 21% Middle East 30.1% Iberia 20.2% Native American
  13. S

    Somali guy explain why white people aren't racist

    I agree with the brother :manny:
  14. yasmin lan

    White men apreciation thread

    My white choclate vanilla Kings >>> monkeys :oh6b81q: :banderas: Such sexy men :camby: blacks on the other hand are mutants such ugly creatures :damn: Somali men they’re even worse then blacks they’re the retarder version of them :francis:
  15. Xooshdheere

    Cadaan Women singing Somali classicals & songs

  16. Someone


    He retweeted this Waa waali :dead::dead:
  17. N

    How can I get a white man to fall in love with me?

    Any ideas, tips, and advice? I want a white chocolate husband in sha Allah. Tell me how I can capture one!