1. Invader

    Official Cringe Thread

    Post the cringiest stuff here. Hope you've been scarred for life:lolbron:
  2. Exodus

    Weirdest shit you've ever seen?

  3. Aden Ciisman

    Writing in my dreams

    So I’m a writer and I mostly write poems, songs and last years started writing a pitch for a tv-show.. but couple nights ago I had this vivid dream about this person, who looked familiar but at the same time looked like a stranger.. and they were writing about an ex, who broke up with them and...
  4. A

    Bidah(innovation) you have seen?

    A few of my former Asian friends wear these things round their neck called taweez I believe which they believe protects from jinn and any harm. They are very protective of it to the extent they will get emotional if you question it. I wonder if you have seen any other bidat Muslims do or...
  5. A

    Weird traits you would preferably want in your partner?

    Don't know why but personally i think girls who cover their mouths when laughing are sexy. Hard to explain but almost shows an innocence or modesty that makes me non innocent immodest things.
  6. Strawberryshuffle

    Would it be weird.....?

    Would it be weird to ask my narcissistic boss for a loan ? To start my own little company with? Which, if successful will have me leave my current job in sha Allaah. I don't want to borrow from the bank because of interest. However I really don't like the idea of asking him or family. I hate...
  7. waranlee

    State of Emergency declared in VA, USA

    Virginia Gov. Declares State of Emergency as White Nationalist Rally Turns Violent by MARIANNA SOTOMAYOR, PHIL MCCAUSLAND and ARIANA BROCKINGTON CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Fights erupted and at least two people were hurt when white nationalists and counter-protesters violently clashed...
  8. Prince Abubu

    So...this happened

    Arab guy: Takalam carabi? Me: No. Arab guy: So you aren't Muslim? Me: Arab guy: I thought you were Sumaali? Me: I am. Arab Guy: So why you no speak Arabic?:dwill: Me: Because I speak Somali. Somalis don't speak Arabic.:drakewtf: Arab guy: I heard Somalis speak hundreds of languages in your...