1. Thegoodshepherd

    Somaliland’s finance minister: We spent $1.5 million a day in the war

    Unbelievable! He admitted that SL spent $1-$2 million a day during the 6 month war in Sool. No wonder these people are in shock. They really left nothing in the tank, that was all they had.
  2. Thegoodshepherd

    I greatly overestimated Somaliland's state capacity, it's hollow

    In Jan 2023, 5 days after the start of the Las Anod conflict, I predicted that the conflict in SSC won't come to end until the 2030s. I was working under a few assumptions, all of which turned out to be mistaken: Somaliland has a much larger military budget so it should be able to wage war on a...
  3. Calaami

    Awdal-born professor breaks down the situation between SL and Awdal

    Interview broken into easily digestible chunks of audio in this Twitter thread.
  4. L

    Ethiopia declaring they want to get rid of liyu police

    Asc and ramadan mubarak my waryas and fellow sisters😅 I wanted to get your thoughts and this breaking news going on around the past days, Ethiopia wanting to get rid of liyu police. We know abiy took onlf off from the terror list groups and made them officially national or ethnical “heroes”...
  5. Thegoodshepherd

    British expert explains the SSC-Somaliland conflict

  6. Thegoodshepherd

    Something I noticed many SNM supporters say which I find funny

    You hear many SNM people say: If Harti want to draw a clan based border in Sool, Sanaag and Togdheer, why don't they first take back the land they inhabit in Ethiopia? It is a funny thing to say because it compares Somaliland to Ethiopia. Harti can't defeat Ethiopia militarily, if Harti could...
  7. Manafesto

    Somaliland administration planning to set up another tribal adherence meeting in Widhwidhb tomorrow for Sool tribal chiefs similar to Ceerigaabo one

    This is latest news I am hearing from both loyak and SL hardliners, they are pulling the same trick they did in Ceerigaabo last month with Sanaag's elite tribal cheifs, the whole puprosed of this stunt is to have the Sool elders and cheifs take pictures while the SL flag is in the background...
  8. Manafesto

    DEVELOPING NEWS 240 Heavily armed Somaliland soldiers defect from SL base into Buhoodle, Toghdheer region of Puntland

    The defected soldiers of 240 personals also got away with many technicals and weapons and brought all their gear to Buhoodle where they received a welcome party from fellow residents of Cayn capital city of Buhoodle Puntland. The soldiers said discrimination,abuse and injustice were few of many...
  9. Helios

    A Rational Solution to SL?

    Smart nigga but this Mr @Waaqooyi guy stole my pfp :icon e confused: I want to hear from Gaddabursi though, @Sophisticate given the practical circumstances would you rather see Awdal as part of Djibouti or an exclave of Somalia? :cosbyhmm: Tldr (very rough map) Puntland imo should be...
  10. The Somali Caesar

    Possible SSC solution (very unbiased opinion)

    As an Isaaq I used to have an obvious bias when it came to the people of SSC(Sool,Sanaag & Cayn). Isaaqs use the colonial borders excuse and MJ use the Hartinimo excuse both really don’t care about what SSC have to say if I’m being 100% honest. The issue with SSC is that they themselves...
  11. abdallah

    A dhullo brother tells us how Somaliweyne is a fake ideology

    :icon lol::icon lol:
  12. Cumar

    Las anod community hold shir in london, uk

    So much for Jamaac Siyaad being Pro-Somaliland. :mjlol:
  13. Cumar

    Yagoori Community Elders come out in support of Somaliland

    The war for the hearts and minds of Reer Sool continues :gaasdrink:
  14. DR OSMAN

    Ali Khalif Galayr - Time To Retire

    I honestly can't stand this man, he is the most filthiest of politicians I have seen. Does' anyone really like him? He only cares for himself which is so obvious through his track record in politics. He stole mareeray plant and sold it in nairobi and made millions from it. He Set up a war in PL...