somali girls

  1. S

    Somali digital creator Anwar Ahmed (podcaster + self help/gym) is fine

    Somali guys who go to the gym be fine, Anwar Ahmed on IG:anwarahmed4 is a good example. One of the most in fit and active somali men i have seen, his page is a travelling/self help page. Nice to see somali guys in this space Also the braids on him 🔥
  2. S

    Finest Somali men thread (on Social Media)

    Alot of people like to insult Somalis for our looks, whether men or women, but theirs attractive and less attractive people in every single group Some people are just more taller or shorter, some are more skinny, whilst others may be more fat. Not every single English white guy looks like Henry...
  3. Manafesto

    Why do Somali Girls get upset if Guys ask them if they are Virgin or Not?

    This Halimo with a giant forehead gets upset when Farahs ask her if she is still intact down there,:mjlol: Instead of answering the simple yes and no question she starts cussing his mom and even questions her viewers why this question is so important to Farahs?:drakewtf::draketf: You goddem...
  4. soomaa

    I spent my whole life despising Somali girls who marry ajnabis. Now my own sister is marrying one

    Before you ask for my gender, thats irrelevant. The rise of ajanbi marriages in the Somali diaspora community is an epidemic that I never imagined would bring its wrath on my own family. Now I have to live with the real threat of having an ajnabi fathered child as my nephew
  5. G

    What do you think of Somali girls with no hijab?

    Very random question but what do you guys think of Somali girls with no hijab (but she's not showing skin or anything)? Do you automatically think negative thoughts (like Somali girls with hijab are better than them etc?) Im not trying to start anything, I just always wondered what the younger...
  6. CaliTedesse

    Somali girls soo gala

    Have you ever hit on a guy? How did it go? Ever leave a number for a guy or made your girlfriend leave your number or give it to a guy. How did it go? I'm just curious. Btw ignore skinny big booty Bashirs and their incel comments Share plz
  7. lalayariis

    Why do other somali girls stare?

    I’ve notice quite often when there is a group of Somali girls I don’t know they just look at me and stare, sometimes even glare for no reason. Happened at a Somali event I went to a few nights ago and they just kept eyeing me while I was with my friends for no reason. They’re college age might I...
  8. CanIDimo

    Most beautiful somali girl/model

    her name is ikram abdi omar, she is much more beautiful than halima aden who is truly overated, how does ikram not have more clout :ayaanswag:is it cuz she's from the uk?a small market for somali models? she is soo my type :lawd:, 1.taller than me 2. caramel skin, 3. fine face, eyes, nose and...
  9. CanIDimo

    MY future Latina WIFE

    i just found this latino girl i think she is the most perfect girl i have ever set my eyes on. i even made her my Avatar just to appreciate her beauty ANY SOMALI GIRLS WHO LOOK LIKE THIS?? can anyone here find her new @ for me if i could find a somali girl this good looking i be would the...
  10. WarsameXamse

    My favorite cadaan model with the beautiful halima aden.

    Gigi Hadid wa massallah, :lawd: halima aden is also fine as hell. :banderas: only 3 months ago i wasn't into slim girls, i was into defromed futo weyn chicks like kim k(i still like them but it's more lust than love), i realized slim girls age well, FACE THE BEST FACES, always in shape and...
  11. Yonis

    'Sex tourists’ duping Somali virgins into marriage

  12. WarsameXamse

    Somali girls salty because They didn't make it to the TOP TEN LIST

    they are hella mad because this Somali guy didn't put them in his top ten beautiful girls list AND THE TWEET IS GAINING TRACTION.
  13. MariaMaria

    Ladies, are looks everything to you? (Vote)

    Soo gala , soo gala Its my first poll thread ~ @Ahmed Alawi seems to think all everyone cares about is looks. (especially females) I wanna see if that's true.:yacadiim: Here are your options ladies 1. 2. 3. 4. Vote wisely ~:gaasdrink: