1. Abdisamad

    Some funny cartoon depiction of sj, blm twitter *******

    This is too funny :russ:

    I met an SJW for the first time

    The other day at university, me and my Reer Xamar friend got into an intense debate about the motherland. I told her I was a staunch Somaliweyn nationalist and she hit back by asking if so-called minorties like her are a part of my vision for Greater Somalia. I didn’t even have a chance to give...
  3. Cumar

    Somali Feminist SJW Speaks: "The 5 Types of Somali Pick Me’s"

    Saw this article on twitter. I think the SJW Xalimos have lost the plot kkk :russ: @Reiko @Knowles @xalimathe6 @Basic @Mrs X Aden @Basra @Xalimo from da block @shabellegal @Luna @Blade1 @Azirah Anonymous @Gucci mane @Saalax Bidaar @Subeer @Crow @Abdalla @Ferrari @Geeljire sanbuur...
  4. Cumar

    FAKE NEWS Gay somali on Twitter claims that somalia has legalized same sex marriage

    We might actually be cursed.:bell: This is past the point of trolling and they are openly promoting degeneracy and ******ry now. Mocking our faith and culture is going too far. Nacala kugu yaal BLM SJW twitter Xalimos and SJW cucks. :pacspit:
  5. Xooshdheere

    What's with xalimos and SJW?

    Imagine explaining to your awoowe that Somali girls in the West would be calling you a racist for saying Somalis are a distinct ethnic group. They are brainwashed by the media. They are fast to call you out being racist or anti blackness for not identifying black. This is just absurd. This can...