1. Audrey Hepburn

    What were/are your goals in life (present, future, etc.)?

    Serious answers only, please. Not regressive elementary school writing.
  2. I

    One of my profs said something racist to me

    So i was basically talking to this prof (Chinese) and the topic of USRAs came up (research assistantship program in Canada). Before asking me anything else, he was like "you should indicate you are black when applying because then you'd probably get it". like he didn't ask me my GPA (which is...
  3. Smokybob03

    Reer London, is this your people? Schoolboy gets kidnapped in public and no one helps the victim

    Happened in Northolt west London. Camerman is very very confused , don’t know why he is arguing public instead of doing anything
  4. Marshall D Abdi

    Whats something you expierenced but never told someone cuz the wont believe it

    So When i was backhome i used to attend this school, was it was gigantic so basically it had some luuq/tunnel/backyard were all tables chairs get thrown So here is the thing its not just some normal luuq its like a tunnel where u enter from one side its small luuq only 2 person can stand side...
  5. Marshall D Abdi

    Why are suicide common in first world countries

    Despite having acces to everything yet their suicide ranks have reached the sky, A: it is because of the lack of imam which 3 world countries has B: because of phones (its proven that you can get depression or major problems in the brain afters spending many hours) C: unlike the west world...

    Amooni is right

  7. Anas.010


    which animals are currently in somalia? How will somalia's wildlife look in 50 years? I think if Somalia won't f*ck it up our wildlife will look like a ethiopia or if we have extreme luck it will be uganda 1 our government need to handle those Arabs who exploited our wildlife and kick the...
  8. Galaeri

    Interim Staff for Villa Somalia chosen.

    Please share your knowledge about these individuals, and any other other staff in Villa Somalia. Please share what regions they hail from, and their respective sub clans. Thank you. DISCLAIMER: This thread is a political thread. Please do refrain from bickering with petty clan talk or making...