1. Cerberus

    Desperate incels sending $$$ big money to Kenyan Somali women.

    Wow omg, my Grandmas sister just told me that she saw Somali girl in Kenya getting $500 or more per month from Somali guys abroad who haven't even married the girl. My own aunt who is daughter of my Grandmas sister was used to get guys who sent her $200 often when they were merely just doing...
  2. L

    what’s one thing someone has said during the talking stage that put you off?

    I’ll start, a salafi brother after speaking for less than 36 hours asked me if I liked my husband spitting in my mouth completely ghosted after that :stressed:
  3. Helios

    Relationship Goals??

    What are yours? This really my one goal - A wife happy to see me when I come home inshallah. Great song too lol, Shout out to our Trucker @Grigori Rasputin!
  4. Peaches

    Arranged marriage is good, so are casual relationships.

    My immediate thought after watching this is, why not both? see If you have a best friend that you get along with, who shares the same values and world views and economical dreams, why don't you come together under marriage? you don't necessarily have sex or intimate feelings. Just be partners...
  5. Waaqo of Punt

    This guy is a WHOLE CHARACTER. Funny or nightmare?

    I don't what to say other than the title. Just watch and tell me what you think of this guy's opinion :ftw9nwa: Funniest nigga I've seen in a while. I'm interested in your opinions: @Knowles @VixR @Basra @Furioso @Robin @CaliTedesse @geeljire madaxweyne @riyaale @NotMyL @IBRAHIM...
  6. xamari_dude

    Serious dating/marriage question

    So I started last year using online dating apps such as Muzmatch and most of the girls are not serious or they just want to constantly text back without taking it further ie meeting up. What do you guys recommend for meeting graduated Somali girls in London? I find it hard to approach Somali...
  7. Lostbox

    Guys do you find there is double the Somali girls always interested in you then non-Somali?

    It's been long since I've a last had platinum thread. Make this a platinum. Girls join if its that same case for you with Somalis guys or not. Even when I was used chubby I may had 1 - 2 non-Somali interested me at the time and there will be 2 - 3 Somali women interested in me at the same time...