red pill

  1. The Somali Caesar

    Toxic Masculinity is on the rise

    Lowkey Andrew tate has actually done irreversible damage to the male community. He's a menace to society:mjlol:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Andrew Tate is weird

    He's no Alpha, he's just an insecure guy who's clingy. I cringe that I used to have that misogynistic behaviour :jcoleno:
  3. shortynextdoor

    What happens when an incel finally gets laid

    It's the red pill community A philosophy made up by half-brained pseudo-intellectuals with an anti-social personality disorder. If you pay attention to the videos and comments on YouTube, Twitter, and other Social Media you will see it’s a collection of Men with Low Self-Esteem teaching other...
  4. S

    The Misadventures of Ashy Abdi

    You've gotta love SSpot!