1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Poverty Is A Choice....

    No one chooses to be poor, but apparently the rapper DDG thinks so. Sickening that some people who came from that environment can turn around and use White Supremacist rhetoric towards their own.
  2. Hazy24

    Somali rapper disses Siad Barre in a track🤨

    what are your opinions 🙃
  3. senor chang

    Chance the rapper caught liking trans p0rn

  4. The Somali Caesar

    Lil Yahcty flexing his sneaker collection

    These videos just makes us working class/poor people aware of just how broke we are. His sneaker collection is probably worth more than my house. What am I saying it is worth more than my house :damn:
  5. CaliTedesse

    I'm tired of this shit

    Bro wallahi f*ck these FOB rappers man. Recently went on YouTube to search this King Araash maggot after @BetterDaysAhead thread Then it reminded me again the reason why I hate Somalis man Those girly fags Lil Baliil and Qare the Mask make that negga King Araash look decent wallahi Wallahi...
  6. Medulla

    The greatest Somali Rapper isn't Somali?

    This has been getting more popular back home every time he drops a track my insta is flooded by my classmates sending me this just cause of his name. :dead: All his tracks are bangers though this and yeyo lowkey slap too bad lots of people in the hispanic community now associate "somali"...
  7. Odkac WRLD

    How is New York drill feelin to yall

    I enjoyed zillikami and 6ix9ine Loud drill, I like Chicago drill too but it’s gets old fast kkk NY has this new sound through Popsmoke and this guy Fivio Foreign who has a song with Drake apparently... I remember first hearing his song “big drip “ on this forum kkk a certain infamous twitter...
  8. A

    Somali Arabic rapper UK remix

    I remember a recent thread about this rapper and thought i would create a thread about his UK remix. This song and the remix are both cold. Check the macwiis at 2:50
  9. CanIDimo

    Was Tupac anti-somali??

    AT 23:21 THE GOAT Tupac shakur said america isn't helping black people but they are sending soo much food and aid packages to and i quote "FUCKING SOMALIA" with so much bitter in his face:what: it's almost like he had bad experience with somalis, he said Bosnia with a neutral face expression but...
  10. CanIDimo

    Rich the kid impregnates my favorite IG hoe

    instagram models are expensive and dirty, and beautiful i guess. 3 months ago he had no idea who she was, he was asking his followers for her socials stating he want to impregnate her. and now 3 months later it has come to fruition, he impregnated her and got twins.
  11. B

    Post famous Somali rappers

  12. Lugouy

    Mashallah brother stops music to follow the deen

    I came across this video and i found it very intriguing. This brother was an know rapper who was just about to blow, but decided to quit the music and get serious with his deen. I hope many youngsters will start realizing that the toxic lifestyle there living will only lead to either jail or...
  13. Bohol

    Is K'naan the only Somali rapper who is a millionaire?

    K'naan is an Somali rapper, poet and songwriter who has a net worth of $1 million dollars. " Source http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/richest-rappers/knaan-net-worth/