1. Manafesto

    I Found & Stumbled into DrOsman's newly made Puntland History YouTube channel🤣😂😭

    Looool, I checking Puntland news and I stumbled this new channel and this historic video about Boqor Osman, May Allah bless the grave of our king and freedom fighter. What, I meant to say is within 10 seconds into the video I was pretty sure I was listening to our visionary resident @DR...
  2. Manafesto

    Documentry follows the story of 45 Puntland & SL college students attending a prestigious PDRC post graduate program

    Any one notice the Somaliland chick proudly wearing her flag in side a PL government agency's class, Puntland is xor walabi, it is as a democratic/free as the west.
  3. Huur

    LANGUAGE Early Literatures Regarding The Somali Language

    "These are the most important works upon the language..." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://pahar.in/bombay-geographical-society-1836-1868/ (check earlier volumes to learn about earlier interactions with...

    Puntite Historical Images

    Historical Images and information about Puntland aka Dal Udug aka the Cape of Spices aka the "land of Punt". Puntland is home to an ancient people, known for resilience and merchant traits. Revered by the ancient pharoahs as the land of Punt and to Greek merchants as the 'Cape of Spices' aka...
  5. Huur

    Puntites vs Cushites [Poll]

    Apart from what our oral traditions provides. The ethnic origins of Somalis will always remain unknown. Currently there are two competing theories in answering this question. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Somalis are...