Early Literatures Regarding The Somali Language

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Huur = Horus

"These are the most important works upon the language..."



(check earlier volumes to learn about earlier interactions with Somalis)

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From May 1849 to August 1850
Volume 9 Art. XI. An outline of the Somauli Language with Vocabulary

pg. 129 - 184 | Lieut. C. P. Rigby 16th Regiment Bo. N. I

p.g. 130

  • Somali Language differs from Sowahili and Danakil


A grammar of the Somali language | Frederick Mercer. Hunter - 1880, Bombay


"It is useless to attempt to ascertain from the Somal themselves any account of the origin of their language, and it is only very recently that it has been studied sufficiently to enable it to be compared in grammatical forms, words, and construction with the dialects by which it is surrounded. In order to accomplish satisfactory results from a
comparison with other tongues, considerable time must elapse, and the following observations are merely tentative."

pg. xxiv - xxv



A sketch of the modern languages of Africa - Vol 1 | 1883


Practical Grammar of the Somali
Language, with a Manual of Sentences

by Evangeliste de Larajasse, père Évangéliste de Larajasse , Cyprien de Sampont

Publication date 1897



The Somali Language doesn't strongly resemble nearby languages? :ohhh:

Then why hasn't it been considered a "Language Isolate"?




A grammar of the Somali language with examples in prose and verse and an account of the Yibir and Midgan dialects

by Kirk, John William Carnegie, 1878-

Publication date 1905

"There has always been considerable trade between the inhabitants of Aden and Southern Arabia and those of the Somali Coast, and the Semetic element in Somali is sufficient proof of the local tradition that the present Somali Race had its origin ... from Southern Arabia"



Whatever the case maybe, regarding the origin of the Somali Language and its
relation/non-relation to surrounding languages...

Gradually over time, our language has been heavily influenced by the Arabic language due to the frequent trade and permanent settlements in northern Somalia (and other coastal regions in the HOA) by people who used to live in Arabia Felix.


Arabian-Puntites :siilaanyolaugh:
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It's all so tiresome
sufficient proof of the local tradition that the present Somali Race had its origin ... from Southern Arabia"
Author didn't know shit.

Part of our culture did come from South Arabia but that was mainly because of Islam and the Semetic in our language can also be attributed to Arabic influence through Islam.

We have more in common with those Gala than Yemenis ethnically.
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