1. Shakespeare_aabihiis

    Why are madow women like this?

    https://x.com/xm_muva/status/1774125598094307710?s=20 Doing this disgusting act at a kids birthday party and then turn around and put blame on some little kid who doesn't know his multiplication table is crazy. I see why the normal madow men flock to cadaan women now. You can't change these...
  2. W

    how is HSM daughter a foreign minister?

    How’s this even allowed? this has to be addressed immediately, Ethiopia is pandering to others to steal our coastline and this man has his daughter as an advisor? this is a crime on somalia and somalis
  3. sultan.ali177

    Oromo liyuu police invades somali region

    Oromo liyuu police attacked qoliji IDP camp in somali region which is 50 KM away from Jigjiga
  4. abdullah233

    Where do your political beliefs lie

    Do you lean towards the left or right and do your political beliefs vary based on country European users since your politics lean more left what do you think of Americas much more conservative politicians! Let's discuss!
  5. Maverick 2.0

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks on Current Race Relations and Identity Politics