1. The Somali Caesar

    This how I’m gonna be as a dad

    I’m gonna be a cool dad one day Inshallah :banderas:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Types of Parents at Parent’s Evening

    I can so relate :mjlol: :pachah1:
  3. Milano Ahmed

    Man sues his parents for being born without consent

    Wallahi we live in a fucked up world. A man suing his own parents for them simply bringing him into this world “without consent”. That’s the funny part how could a sperm cell or a fetus even give consent :mjlol:
  4. CaliTedesse

    What if you are SICK???????

    Let's say you're suffering from a disease and you are very sick or some of your organs are not functioning properly and you might even need a donor transplant. Basically you are very ill and your parents don't know. Would you tell your parents? Man I wouldn't want to worry them if I was really...
  5. IftiinOfLife

    Being brutally honest with Somali Parents

    I was wondering if anyone else has the same open lines of communications with their parents. I encourage it because it removes hostility and negative feelings. Usually when my mom and I talk about real shit, it's like two corporations coming together and discussing high level financial moves...
  6. Puffin Stuff

    Land back home

    I’ve been given a plot of land by my father I have no idea what to do with it I’ve never even considered buying unplotted land I can’t sell it because it’ll probably upset him and idk who would buy it it’s by the sea (Red Sea) I’ve got like 300 quid max to spend on it what tf do I do? I’m pretty...
  7. Zach

    Vacations without parents?

    Do you ever been to a vacation without your parents? I have met Somali friends a couple of weeks ago and we talked and the topic came up and I said I’ve been to vacations with my friends like actual ones meaning out of europe and with in too, and they thought it was strange. I found out that a...
  8. A

    f*ck THE CEEB CULTURE!!!!!!

    f*ck the ceeb culture that governs a lot of you Somalis. I had people try shame my parents by telling everyone in the Somali community that me and my siblings sell sweets at school(just me)and have a car wash and grass cutting business when younger. My parents didn't care but told me not to sell...
  9. A

    Mac Minded stories!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He told a story about a man in Seattle who found out after divorce I believe, that none of the four kids they shared were his. Apparently this happened about 10 years ago. I wonder if anyone knows anything about the story.