What if you are SICK???????

Would you tell them?

  • I'll keep it to myself till I die.

  • I'll keep it to myself untill I recover

  • I would tell them instantly

  • I would wait it out until unless it gets real severe

  • I don't know Cali this some hard questions you be askin why you think so much abaha wasse

  • I don't know tbh (I'm a airhead)

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Let's say you're suffering from a disease and you are very sick or some of your organs are not functioning properly and you might even need a donor transplant. Basically you are very ill and your parents don't know.

Would you tell your parents?

Man I wouldn't want to worry them if I was really sick. I just been thinking about this.


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Warrya, You know us typical Abdi's.

"What wound? It's just a arrow in the knee..." mentality that kept us living.

It's funny, Somalis will eat punch like nothing but if a xaalimo breaks a nigga heart then the tears come flying. Kkkkkk