1. H

    What ARE those???

    Was at work today when a customer walked inside wearing a tank top, as she was leaving, I noticed these huuuge circular purple spots ( triggered my trypophobia) all over her arms, shoulders and back....she's not the first one I've seen with it, I've seen many cadaans walking around with that 🤮...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Most Disturbing Thing You Ever Seen

    Easy STORYTIME GRAB A CORONA AND SOME CRISPS 2019. I had a orientation for this summer internship near Downtown Seattle area. They told us to prepare your own transportation etc, and it was Seattle Pride Parade so expect traffic and blockades.... :mjlol: I felt uncomfortable being anywhere...
  3. Odkac WRLD

    What is the craziest shit you’ve seen in public

    For me, there are two moments that take the cake 13 year old Muhammad Bire coming back from Seattle Aquarium seeing a homeless man actually taking a shit behind a building in view of several cars :mjlol: number 2 was at a well known grocery store bakery aisle where you open the glass to pick...
  4. Saintly

    Am I the only one

    Who thinks Ketchup is vile? Genuinely the most disgusting sauce out there. If it touches my food, Wallahi I’d rather go hungry than eat that.