1. Kizaru

    Am i the only guy who feels sorry for the folks in tigray.

    Videos re surfaced and it shows kids and women being killed along with other disgusting actions. Ethiopians as a whole can be barbarians and no different to al kebab. Sometimes they make al kebab look like saints.
  2. A


    I have spoken to family friend who is from the state whose parents have bought 3 houses using haram mortgage. Just wondering if this is a thing among Somalis in the diaspora?
  3. Madara x

    Short-term Marriage in Somalia: Ethical question about marriage, sex, zina, and savagery

    I have a friend who is going to Somalia.:dabcasar: He knows that when he goes back, girls will throw themselves at him because he has a British passport and hes financially good. And his family is telling him to settle down in Somalia. He told me that if he finds a hot girl, he will marry her...