1. The Somali Caesar

    Possible SSC solution (very unbiased opinion)

    As an Isaaq I used to have an obvious bias when it came to the people of SSC(Sool,Sanaag & Cayn). Isaaqs use the colonial borders excuse and MJ use the Hartinimo excuse both really don’t care about what SSC have to say if I’m being 100% honest. The issue with SSC is that they themselves...
  2. abdallah

    A dhullo brother tells us how Somaliweyne is a fake ideology

    :icon lol::icon lol:
  3. Factz

    Somalia vs Somaliland vs Puntland vs Khaatumo

  4. Cumar

    Reer Boocame come out for Puntland

  5. Cumar

    Yagoori Community Elders come out in support of Somaliland

    The war for the hearts and minds of Reer Sool continues :gaasdrink:
  6. Cumar

    Professor Ali Khalif Galaydh speaks

    At this point I am wondering how much this nigga is getting paid to say this. :pachah1: We need more return on investments in the political leaders from the Sool communities :hillarybiz:
  7. Buraanbur911

    Yikes! Ali Khalif galaydh wearing SL flag may18 2018

    Any thoughts/feelings towards this?
  8. Mohsin

    puntland and somaliland border dispute

    Somaliland iyo puntland oo isku haysta xuduudka
  9. S

    President Cali Khalif Galaydh Talks about Somaliland Khatumo talks and more

    In this video he is talking about Khatumo and Somaliland talks starting tommorow and he said the diasporas who are saying the talks are canceled are diseases to us :lol: Also he said we don't want any positions in Somaliland government. He said we want to live in peace and help each other...
  10. M

    What happened to Khaatumo?

    There used to be a lot of hype with Khaatumo and a lot of parties but now it went into obscurity. What happened? No jokes, I am genuinely interested.
  11. M

    Khatumo cuts ties with Mogadishu, talks with Somaliland