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    what's wrong with sstop?

    the biggest problem here aren't the athiest or the qabilist but all you sick racists! you know who you are. i feel stifled. discuss.
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    is there something wrong with me because i don't have any qualms about polygamy.. no i am not menace

    i was explaining to someone about @miski's thread and they somehow got confused and really upset and when i figured out that they mistook it for polygamy which wasnt the case at all and then we were discussing it it being polygamy we were on opposing ends they were against it and i myself didnt...
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    who is spying on me :damedamn:

    because every time i have a serious discussion with someone in real life, it becames a topic here. yesterday it was the bride kidnapping, which came about so randomly. today it was the fgm thread(which originally wasn't OPs intent, but became that way from pg3 onwards) anyway so who is it. fess...
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    i have a fucking photographic memory im find ur a$$

    wa billahi tawfiiq
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    nin mise naag

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    look at the details :diddyass:

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    black tea true bliss

    this shit gets me so emotional with every sip i tear up on Allah, the All-Gracious most merciful, i wanna live forever, drinking this for eternity i buy it in bulks with a single tear dropping down my pink tinted rosy cheeks happily crying and telling the cashier jsut take my money take it all
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    Which Smiley/Faces Reminds You of a Certain User?

    of course, no one has monopoly on any... @bandit, in particular, abuses them but he's memorable. bandit: uCkf6mf:francis: I actually imagine he looks like Steve Francis lol lol @Air Jalam :camby: yaac who else? as an aside, the Chris Brown laughing face needs to be cleaned up
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    #TDIL maseer is a good motivator

    hooyo told me earlier today the origins of pasta. This man left his man for a younger, more beautiful, woman. This drove the first wife with jealousy and envy. she was under the assumption that they were to be husband and wife til death do they part. the younger woman had everything she didn't...
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    father buys daughters roommate fleshlight

    brought to you by special request okay my friend was rooming with this guy (her and her 3 year old daughter) last semester :damsel: crazy btch. i dunno why she thought to room with a guy because that's dangerous ish right she said the rent was cheap she would only pay 200 a month and it was a...
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    which multinicker is using Geeljire

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    IntensiveCareUnit aka iamshoppingcart AMA

    :hehehe: :hehehe: :hehehe: :hehehe: u kno da drill
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    why do men get uncomfortable by gays and or trannys

    iuno but thinking about it i think it's because they're most likely beta males who would be the ones on the recieving end of usually the males who are comfortable or dont give laabo shilling are alpha males who would do and not other way arond and that aint gay :hehehe::hehehe::hehehe...
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    today in class senpai noticed me

    hes really cute. and omg somali too. he has the cutest eye smile, right. :oops: usually im late for my accounting class but today i was on time and didnt have to sit in the seats no one wanted. i was still late because everyone comes to class 15 minutes early i strategically sat beside him and...
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    a month in

    and we're already reached 1k threads. i wanna give a shout out to the nigga menace.
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    one time i was qarhised

    on somnet. i was chopping it up with this young thang. we used to talk over skype and sometimes paltalk. we got to know each other and one thing led to another i ended up sharing a pic. anyway my pic got posted on somnet it was a big issue and i was gonna be sly and leave after few months after...
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    who am i

    it was a crisp cool september morning. woke up around 5 am to get ready and dandy for my job as HR boot licker. took a shit at 5:18am. felt up my a cups after. brushed teeth and left the house without my pants. got a text and a snapchat from my bestie xalimo ilko gaduud. i knew i was late...
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    need help

    im taking suggestions for a new avater.
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    geeljire might be rapist

    I think it he is hiding something. i dont know what it is about his postings but i since it. wallahey there more to this story. he might be pressed charges once. maybe two three timings. geeljire what you are trying to tell us? did home girl put restriction order on you? we here to listen...