it me

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    gerigoor so gal

    bro why you like this though lol wallahi you make posts and i want to stab my eye 10 times and stab my the closet person. :mindblown::lebronwait::pacspit::snoop::what::wtf:
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    too many pussies

    on here like wtf :what: what do you think?
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    the ^ < v thread

    simple forum game we can play. please stinky. get to know each other like family somspot say one thing about person above ^ say one thing about you yourself < say one thing about the dick below v i will start i can't do ^ but i will do the others :hehehe: < it take me 4min 23sec to get...
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    my profile picture is lost

    what happen? did someone report me?
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    the "what are you wearing" thread

    as title as goes i go first am wearing blue checked shorts and white tshirt
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    butac butac bayo

    they had had really make public transport a deathly eroctic experiance :holeup: