1. Odkac WRLD

    India is moving crazy These clerics have a rule that if a divorced Muslim woman wishes to remarry her first husband she has to pay dowry to a cleric to marry...
  2. Medulla

    Flight in few hours what should I buy ?

    What is a essential thing you take with you in your hand luggage? I've got litres of pepto bismol ready for India I've got a 55kg limit all together and so far I've only got like 24 kg worth of stuff packed . I'm only there for a week and half give me some suggestions, also linkup in bjp land...
  3. S

    Documentary on gendercide. “It’s a girl”.

  4. CaliTedesse

    wow never knew Pakistan commited crimes against Bangladeshis

    Those Paki ni99as set themselves up for failure by doing that but I believe the devil Hindu India pulled the string behind the scenes. Btw Kashmir is Pakistan. Bangladeshi people on average are very unappealing the women tend to have this bloaty weird face and think so highly of themselves while...
  5. B

    This channel is addicting

    his channel is growing very fast
  6. DRACO

    India overpopulation problem

    More than 25 million people, a number greater than Australia's population, have applied for about 90,000 positions advertised by India's state-run railways. They need a civil war.
  7. K

    German media says 90% of India is dirty.

    A lot of Indians are angry about this. :mjlol:
  8. N

    Naago afrikaan oo slave laga dhigay in Hindi movie

    Black women are portrayed as slaves in this Hindi movie. :gucciwhat::farmajoyaab: And in this clip, naagihii raped the hindi guys. And they want xaalmareen :russ:
  9. Prince Abubu

    Indian Sac-caabuds develop first ever Rail-gun

    Indian defense scientists have successfully developed electromagnetic railguns (EMRG) :farmajoyaab:
  10. Prince Abubu

    Somalis Hang Your Head In Shame

    This country has a space programme :susp:
  11. Xooshdheere

    General Nasir's dad dancing in an Indian wedding

    :chrisfreshhah:abdi singh
  12. Xooshdheere

    Ancient Somalia's History with the Roman Empire

    After the Roman conquest of the Nabataean Empire and the Roman naval presence at Aden to curb piracy, Arab and Somali merchants barred Indian merchants from trading in the free port cities of the Arabian peninsula because of the nearby Roman presence. However, they continued to trade in the port...
  13. Prince Abubu

    Today I learned...

    ...that a single city in India processes and cuts 90% of the world's diamond supply. :mindblown::mjcry:
  14. M

    Please withdraw comment on comparison of Kerala and Somalia

    Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy today wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to withdraw his comment on comparison of child death rate among Dalits in Kerala and Somalia.In a letter, Mr Chandy said, "I was appreciative of your visit to Kerala in the wake of the Paravur temple...